Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hidden talent

Today there was a Brownie meeting for the moms to talk about our field trip to New York in June and to also talk about which girls were going to bridge to Girl Scouts.
One of the moms who is in charge of the bridging ceremony said,"I need to make a balloon arch. Does anyone know how to make one?"

Everyone shook their heads and looked perplexed. I raised my hand and said,"Uhm....I know how to make a balloon arch."

The mom looked at me and gasped,"You do?"

I said,"I used to make them every week for Sunday brunch at T.G.I.Friday's." I explained that I hadn't made one since 1986 but as long as I had balloons,string and a helium tank,I could do it.

Apparently,I'm now in charge of the balloon arch. I told Lillianna that it kind of makes me laugh because out of all the things I am known for,I don't believe anyone ever knew I could make a balloon arch. I mean,when does that come up in normal conversation?

So,my question is,what hidden talent do you have?

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