Saturday, December 29, 2007

That cute little short boy

Lillianna and I went to lunch at Friendly's today. She was doing a word scramble of state capitals such as: NTOBSO,Massachusetts would of course be Boston.
She skipped one that she didn't know and when she went back to it I tried to give her a hint. She was trying to figure out ERTTNNO,New Jersey.

I said,"It's part of your cousin's name." Lillianna frowned and asked,"My cousin?" Obviously still stumped I tried again.
"He's that cute little short boy with the spikey hair."
Lillianna asked,"Trent?" Then she said,"Ohhhhhh....Trenton New Jersey!" Then she started laughing,"That cute little short boy with the spikey hair???? That's so funny!"

I said," kinda is. I guess I'll blog about it!"
So I did.

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