Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lying isn't funny

I just read that a 6 year old girl wrote an essay for a contest to win Hannah Montana concert tickets and she won. She started her essay by saying her dad died in Iraq recently but guess what? It's a huge lie! She made it all up! If this links you can read the story here.

There are many people who have lost loved ones in this war and it's sad and heartbreaking and it changes lives forever! Pretending to have a dead father is nothing to lie about in order to win freakin' concert tickets for your 6 year old.

It had to be the mother's idea because what child would think up such a lie? The mother said,"We did whatever we could to win."

You know,Lillianna wanted to go to Hannah Montana too but I didn't have the money to take her. If there had been a contest to enter of course she would've tried by saying that she was a huge fan and knew all Hannah's songs and stuff like that. She would never say her father died in Iraq. I would have her in therapy if she came up with that on her own.

This story just makes me sick. The essay people are thinking about taking away the tickets. DUH! Of course take them away and punish this horrible mother. They should make her volunteer in a Veterans Hospital for the rest of her life. She thinks dying in Iraq is something to lie about? She should be ashamed of herself.

What do you think should happen to this mother and daughter?

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