Sunday, September 23, 2007

Marcia and Jan in love??

I just read about the newest Brady Bunch scandal. Maureen McCormick is confessing in a book that she and Eve Plumb had an affair. Here's my take on it.

#1) Why come out with this now?

#2) Who is going to feel better by this confession?

#3) I guess it makes sense why Eve Plumb had such bad memories of the show and had to be replaced at some point.

#4)Why can't you just let the public live with our "perfect family" illusion of the Brady Bunch? The more I hear,the more it sounds like the whole cast was involved in an orgy! Barry dated Maureen and Florence. Now Maureen and Eve?

I think they should update the words to the opening theme song...

Here's the story
of a horny family.......

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