Saturday, June 23, 2007

A great new word

Every now and then Lillianna and I come up with a new word or expression that really works for us. Years ago I was trying to get Rich and Lillianna to hurry up so that we could leave the house. I meant to say,"Shake a leg" but somehow it came out as,"Shake your sheep!" Rich and Lillianna looked at each other then looked at me and burst out laughing. We still use that expression whenever we are in a hurry.

The other day Lillianna was telling me about a girl she has known for years through her best friend. Apparently at a recent party,this girl really gave everyone a hard time. Lillianna sighed and said,"She's not very get-alongable." I just loved that word. It seems to fit quite a few people that we know. Now we use it all the time.

Have you ever made up words that you still use?

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