Thursday, November 20, 2008

This "new" invention looks familiar

I'm off today so instead of relaxing like I thought I would I am cleaning every single room. The t.v. is on in the background and I heard a commercial that sounded interesting so I went to see what the product looked like. Kara and Lillianna are always cold so I thought maybe this would be something I would buy for them.

The commercial was for Snuggie,the fleece blanket with sleeves.

I hate to be the one to break this to the inventor of this great product but the snuggie is A BATHROBE!!!! How is this not a bathrobe?
How did this get by the patent people? Are we so stupid that they thought we wouldn't recognize a bathrobe if it had a new name?

Maybe I'll come up with some new products too.
How about knitted finger warmers? (Don't confuse them with gloves!)
High rubber shoes that protect you from the snow. (They're kind of like boots but not boots.)
Beneath your outerwear. (Let's not say underwear since it's a new product!)

So here's my challenge: Make up some of your own new/old products and either write about them on your own blog or leave them as comments for me. We could all get rich with a new invention. That would solve our money problems!

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