Saturday, June 07, 2008

When do I get to have fun?

Chaos! That's the only word that describes my apartment right now. Nothing is in it's place and most things don't really have a place because the apartment isn't big enough to hold all our precious belongings. My side of the closet has 2 giant Rubbermaid bins that hold our Christmas stuff so I don't have any space on the floor. I refuse to pay $50 a month for storage for because it's way too expensive.

Lillianna is making a 4 bedroom house out of cardboard for a class project and all the paper,paints,cardboard and this giant house are taking up the living room and dining room. Thank goodness it's due on Monday. I'll be happy to get those rooms back to normal....whatever that means.

It's 90 something degrees out today and of course Lillianna wants to go to the pool. Neither one of us has a bathing suit. She outgrew all of hers and mine was kind of coming apart last year so I don't think I can wear it again. Meanwhile,the clutter in here is giving me an anxiety attack. I'm almost done with my bedroom and then I'm off to the kitchen. Somewhere along the way I have to shower.

If I can finish everything by 3pm then we'll go bathing suit shopping. I can't relax until this place looks half way decent. I look forward to the weekends and then I can't enjoy them. That sucks!

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