Sunday, January 13, 2008

No work? No school? No way!!!

It's true.......believe it or not my office will not be open tomorrow and the schools will be closed in our town. First of all,in the 17 years that I have been at this job they only closed ONCE ahead of time due to a blizzard warning. Unfortunately,the day of the blizzard we only got about an inch. My company vowed to never do that again so when I got the call from my manager's wife this evening,I was stunned. But work for me. We have to use our PTO hours to make up for it but that's okay since I have plenty.

At 8:50pm I received an automated message from Lillianna's school saying that it would be closed tomorrow. She was thrilled. The news says that after midnight we should get a few inches of snow and then by morning we should be getting one inch every hour.

I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life so my attitude is maybe it'll snow....maybe it won't.
I guess we'll know soon enough. As for me and Lillianna......tomorrow is pajama day!!! Yahoo!!

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